03 May 2013

I've grown up.. life happens

    Its been awhile since i ever updated this blog. What can i say? Life happens. Classes, Assignments, Annoying lecturers, Crushes, Love, friendship, Enjoying life.. to make it short, i'm living my life. Or ... trying. at least. Honestly, living in this place is kinda suks. Imagine everyday all you can see are malls and interesting places and then suddenly you got stuck in a very small town where the biggest building ever built is the campus. Kinda get me mind fucked for a while. I've been here for nearly 2 semesters already and seriously.. i'm still not used to it. I'm living a very unproductive day every weekend. Wake up, eat, lappy staring, games, go back to sleep.

What a life i had here.

3 years to go.. 8 semester to die for.

Fie is already stressed out.

I hope it'll be worth it one day

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