10 September 2012

Campus life : a new beginning


I just got accepted in Sultan Idris Educational University!!!!

basically now im a university student, which i dont expect to be a reality before. Yalah.. With THAT kind of result kan? Who expect me to even be accepted?! To me this is HUGE!!
So, Here i am, starting a new life as a "mahasiswi". I am so proud of myself. Rezeki daripada ALLAH...Alhamdulillah~

So sebenarnya nak buka cerita yang bila masuk UPSI... i found a bunch of RETARDED friends. Yes, you read it right. HAHA. We became close since the first day. First day dah berSelca bagai. Mmg meriah and totally awesome!
Agaknya mmg rezeki aku. Anyway aku pergi, kawan2 yg meriah, yg sentiasa buat aku ketawa mmg takkan pernah jauh dari aku. I am ALWAYS the lucky one to have these kind of people as my friends. Oh.. and we are all TESL students. Except for Lina. She's a Kemahiran hidup student. Whatever course we are in, we are still close. ke mana pun sama2 ^^

Aku nak show off picture kami di sini :

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