17 April 2011

SevenTeen Magz : 4 Guys you should AVOID

Ne tips untuk SEMUA girls yang suda ada BoyF,
yang baru couple,
yg belum ada BoyF juga!
(kan aku da ckap semua td.. =.=")
Take note girls.

Be wary of these 4 guys:

The Guy Who Claims To Have Forgotten His Phone All Night:
If he ignores your calls and texts all night, but invites you over once he gets home, drop him. Come on, it's 2010 — people pretty much take their phones into the bathroom with them while they shower (and poop)! If he only calls you after midnight, it's not because he's missed you all night, it's because he's thinking of one thing and one thing only. Stay away.
p/s : nampak beno Menipu nyer~ haha

The Guy Who Hooked Up With Your Friend:
One thing you need to know about college campuses? They're breeding grounds for drama. It's nearly impossible to keep anything a secret, thanks to a lethal combination of roommates, Facebook stalkers and loose lips. If you hook up with a guy who had a thing with one of your friends, expect some drama. Sometimes, you'll even run into trouble with girls you don't know very well over a guy. When two friends hook up with one guy, it creates competition and awkwardness. The bottom line? If you're really feeling attracted to someone your friend had a meaningless fling with, talk it over with her. If she's cool with you making a move, go for it. If not, it's usually smart to avoid this situation.
p/s : BoyF sangkut ng BFF ssendiri..?? TaPenah jadik dlm idopku.Huhu

The Guy Who Tells You He Loves You Right Away:
There are several explanations for this guy's behavior. Yes, it's possible that he's fallen for you quickly, but it really isn't likely. (Nor is it likely that a college guy will put himself in such a vulnerable position so early on.) If he busts out the "L" word, tell him you'd rather get to know him better before exchanging such a serious declaration.
p/s : Ta logik..Kenal tros sayang.Love takes TIME dear

The Guy Who Gets Jealous Too Easily:
Sure, it may seem flattering if he gets angry about that Facebook post from the cute guy in your math class, but jealous guys are often downright dangerous. A mature boy will ask for your side of the story before jumping to conclusions, so if he flips out at you without letting you explain (unless it's about something big, like if he sees you kissing another guy), be careful. Guys who get jealous really easily tend to have bad tempers and could even turn violent.
p/s : HAHA...belom gurls yg cepat jeles.lagi dasat kottt...?

Steer clear of these bros and you'll be happy as a clam with a snuggle buddy to boot. So, Cuba check BoyF korg..adaa ta ciri2 kat atas ne?? Jeng Jemg Jeng..HAHA!

sumber: seventeen.com

Does your boyfriend treat you right?

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